Awntaa ( Ann-you-taa) means collective, ours in the   Bambara language of Mali. I started Awntaa      because of my love for  handmade goods and   Africa. Those who know me personally, know that   almost every accessories I owned are handmade or imported from Africa. Leather, African prints, and mud clothes are fundamental part of my Malian culture. Growing up in the U.S., finding trendy and modern pieces inspired by Africa became difficult. I would sketch out my designs and send them to family members in Mali to be made. Awntaa was created to fill this void and made handmade African inspired accessories accessible to everyone- at an affordable price. 
When you buy an Awntaa product, you're creating employment for the local artisans we collaborate with. These are talented and knowledgeable artists who don't make much and most live on less than $5 a day. This is just not my company, it's theirs too.
Giving back because it just feels good! Awntaa has partnered with APED (Aide Pour l'Enfance Démunie), which translates to 'Help for Destitute Children.' APED-Mali fights for the improvement of living conditions of disadvantaged children in Africa by operating in two areas- health and education.  If you buy any of our Dina leather collection, we'll give 5% to ADEP-Mali.
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